Consolation : recommandations de la presse  
 "  it is very easy to get lost in the overwhelming neo-baroque beauty  " 
[...] Simply put, it is serene and pleasant music for any occasion be it focused work or relaxation and rest. [...]
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 "  Consolation would be a great place to start. It's a beautiful work  " 
[...] Consolation is a coherent works that flows from one movement to the next like a river of sound that was born of the earth rather than created at the hand of man. [...]
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 "  Consolation is an uplifting experience for the ears. This is the sound of hope  " 
[...] This is a bold move in a music business where name is everything and the more you can promote yourself, the better. This tells me that Marc is relying on his music to speak for him. [...]
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 "  It is precisely this yin/yang counterpoint that creates the magic of the music  " 
[...] there is a great deal of animation, dynamics, and thematic evolution within the structure of each piece, and the album overall evokes a wide range of feelings from serene and comforting to dramatic and powerful. [...]
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