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 Comment about album track "Inner Work"
Hook: Is good, but i don´t know how to interpret hook in classical music
Melody: I like string melody, with pasion
Rhythm: I like piano rhythm, very classical…
 Posted by Luna Runera, Mexico City, Mexico
 Comment about album track "Perseverance"
Nice Instrumental
This intsrumental has a perfect break and sequncially arranged.. The violin is is filled with melody..
Nice production here that fit into a film soundtrack such as titanic.. The piano grooves too. Perfect blend of baseline, piano and violin for an instrumental break.
 Posted by BoyBlacRecords , Benin, Edo, Nigeria
 Comment about album track "Beyond the Cycles"
The pianist is good!, he/she is all over the place. I love the synths, it makes this piece full. [...]
 Posted by Justin Padgett:, Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
 Comment about album track "Deliverance"
[...] Gread Melody inventive for a massive work. In the new tradition of mixing ancient music with 21 century sounds. Bravo.
 Posted by Adina Spire, Arad, Romania
 Comment about album track "Inner Work"
Great combination of the strings and piano
Great combination of the cello (is it a cello string?) and the piano.

the first seconds are very nice after 0:06 you change a bit the style structure of the accords... still very nice but not anymore. so perfect lovely... if youre able to continue like the first 5 seconds more in the minor happy style. that would be great.

also nice little accord style structur change at 0:55 and nice enthusiastic change of hammering on the keys at 1:05. very cool!
the ending of the track rocks, the last 20 seconds are really great creating some uplifting exciting mood and then ends it with some cheery major accors.

continue like that you make a good job and i think you have a big potencial!
 Posted by Simon Kaserer, Lucerne, Switzerland
 Comment about album track "Crossroads"
great classical melodys. great harmonies
nice mix of strings, piano and flutes. i also love those instruments, especially combined in such a lovely way you do it. you bring some very interesting and great classical melodys. the flutes are playing a good mellow harmonie.

the flute melody at 0:25 is so great, so absolutely exciting. I talk just about the 2 magic seconds then, but it hold much longer. but why not bringing more of that? longer and more effectiv, wow... than its an oscar track!

maybe also bringing more piano in the track especially at the end. i think than we heard enough of the flutes and strings and its time for piano and strings [...]
 Posted by Simon Kaserer, Lucerne, Switzerland
 Comment about album track "The Yearning of the Soul"
[...] At 0.41 arrive the male vocals, at 1.02 joined by the female choir. No lyrics, just aaaah. Soft violins in the background. What I really like about this track is that the instruments are hardly noticable while the choir sings. Very light, pretty melody gets you in a dreamy mood.
 Posted by Guinea C, Serrekunda, Gambia
 Comment about album track "Beyond the Cycles"
I like your sound, The instrumental break is not bad.... I like d orchestral in d sound and the piano keys played...
The melody is nice, wonderful sound here....
The arrangement is tight!
Keep it growning..…
 Posted by BoyBlacRecords , Benin, Edo, Nigeria
 Comment about album track "Beyond the Cycles"
piano is very nice. melody very original and overall the arrangement is good. Each time I hear a familiar melody then you go off and something new, brilliant!
 Posted by Jermaine Fagan, Mesa, Arizona, United States
 Comment about album track "The First Steps"
It reminds me of my past lives
I used to be a maiden in the middle ages somewhere in Italy, then I was soldier prisoner in the London Tower, then I was turned in a Nintendo Character killing monsters in the woods.
Very interesting [...] the idea is great. I love experiments like this that would have you jumping from one instrument to another.
You are free!
 Posted by E. Torred, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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