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 Comment about album track "Spirit of Freedom"
fairly good.
happiness is the first keyword that comes to my mind. it's also nice to hear a bit of piano for a while. and the use of choral voices is definitely a plus. again, it could use some more reverb, but that's merely my taste. [...] the 'duet' of strings and choir is well established.
 Posted by Sander Sokk, Tartu, Estonia
 Comment about album track "Deliverance"
Dignified and Optimistic
Choral opening has an interesting hopeful vibe. [...]. I like the dignified, understated waves of instrumentation.
At about 1:45 there is a nice shift into piano and flute before jumping back into the chorus.
I admire the care that the composer took with the piece. [...]
This piece should be shopped around to emerging countries that need an anthem :)
In conclusion, good job by the artist. I would be interested to hear an expanded symphony that incorporates this piece.
Rock on!
 Posted by Dylan Dougherty, Brooklyn, New York, United States
 Comment about album track "The Thresholds"
Great composition
Nice arrangement. The recording is very clean and the parts all sound great [...]
I would love to hear this played by an orchestra
 Posted by Skelington Boot, United Kingdom
 Comment about album track "Perseverance"
A two minute instrumental track with a classical feeling. I like the intro with the kettledrum, violins and trumpets. It's dramatic and bombastic, but in a good way. Like one hears in opera, when the messenger arrives with good or bad news. The rhythm also suggests that something important is about to happen.
The instrumental break with violins is sweet and soft. Then the piano announces more action. Good melody. I guess it's part of a bigger picture. And I would like to see/hear it all.
 Posted by Guinea C, Serrekunda, Gambia
 Comment about album track "Dance of Eternity"
Well balanced
Well balanced instrumental of flute and violins [...]. I especially like the part between 0.40 and 1.04 with the flute solo. This track creates an atmospheric mood. Something to listen to while laying in the grass and watching the clouds.
 Posted by Guinea C, Serrekunda, Gambia
 Comment about album track "Desert and Hope"
dreaming style of this music makes me dream ) how i like it!! pianos doing their best
 Posted by Demian Grace, Moscow, Russian Federation
 Comment about album track "Beyond the Cycles"
its a good vibe
dont know much about this type of music but it sounded awesome and i liked the arrangement a lot
 Posted by Raymond Giuffrida, Merchantville, New Jersey, United States
 Comment about album track "Deliverance"
Synt. Choirs for a melody remembering renaissance music, but the arrangement is much more modern. [...] Surelly a massive work and seems a part of somthing bigger. [...] It give a mix between the tradition of the religions and the dramatic modern time.
 Posted by Agalli, Switzerland
 Comment about album track "Dance of Eternity"
Gentel Ambient
Gentle ambient created with Synth.Whispery flutes and chorus that ad Drama to this beatiful piece.
 Posted by Brother Guruk, San Rafael, California, United States
 Comment about album track "The Yearning of the Soul"
Great choral arrangement in the making
 Posted by The Dork Band, Bristol, United Kingdom
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