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 Comment about album track "The Decision"
Classical music synth
[...] Interesting minor melodic intro reminds me of eastern european music in melody. Would like to hear with real instruments - a bit Beethoven like at 1 min. [...] great musical ideas here! Good luck!
 Posted by whiteraven6670, Saline, Michigan, United States
 Comment about album track "The Thresholds"
Classical sounding instrumental
Acoustic piano intro. Classical sounding melodies. Interesting musical ideas with flute playing against piano. Then sounds a bit like music for a movie like Lord of the Rings [...]
 Posted by whiteraven6670, Saline, Michigan, United States
 Comment about album track "Perseverance"
Well Crafted Classical Piece
Very nice, strong melodic theme. Beautiful buildup at :40, followed by sharp drop-off - nice use of dynamics.
Solid use of string instruments. Lots of variation in the song [...]. The second half of this short 2 minute song seemed pieced together. I think you could have done more.
Still, nicely done.
 Posted by Alexander Paul, Mount Clemens, Michigan, United States
 Comment about album track "The Thresholds"
Smooth violin melodies start off this very pretty piece which has a very European flavor to it. Lovely couterpoint in the piano section, well thought out, well contructed, and well played. A highly impressive piece.
 Posted by Tony Deziel, Watertown, Connecticut, United States
 Comment about album track "The Decision"
 Posted by Daniel Blakstar, Bronx, New York, United States
 General comment about the album
Hi Marc, love your works on Victory of the Spirit. I'm at peace when listening to your music.
 Posted by Nick A., Malaysia
 Comment about album track "The Coronation"
Pretty chorus, like jump and fly to borderless sky. Nice arrangement, good mood, but maybe little bit to short and impressed me like an intro to something bigger. Its good single player composer.
 Posted by Sampak GusUran, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia
 Comment about album track "Desert and Hope"
East meets West and Old Europe
Interesting how East meets West here.. and then goes into a Baroque-I think style-Old Europe.. [...]
 Posted by Yutz, Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
 General comment about the album
I love your music, my autis baby to.
I believe in the musicoterapia and I am grateful for persons as you that they can help to cure and to make ourselves feel happy with these melodies
 Posted by Karolina, Puerto Rico
 Comment about album track "Dance of Eternity"
Strong Mood
Its sounds like light orchestra with single player. The chorus so nice, and the melody too. Afterall, i think the mood is the strongest element from this song.
 Posted by Sampak GusUran, Pati, Central Java, Indonesia
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