La Victoire de l'Esprit : recommandations de la presse  
 "  never unpleasant, usually captivating and always a complete joy to listen to  " 
[...] The composer’s musical ability and his sheer enthusiasm are both clearly obvious throughout every stage of his work; frankly, it is these qualities that make listening to Victory of The Spirit far more enjoyable than listening to many more widely-recognised works in this genre. [...]
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 "  “Victory of the Spirit” is the music which revives life’s energy and inspires for unconditional creation  " 
[...] The music of “Victory of the Spirit” is infused with joy and optimism. Marc Beziat appeals one to live, not to die. It is felt in every note of his very integral project. [...]
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 "  While there are no words in these "sung" parts, they are among the most beautiful and enriching songs on Victory Of The Spirit  " 
[...] an epic album full of some amazing and beautiful moments [...] The pulp that makes up the middle ground is solid compositionally and enjoyable to listen to. [...]
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 "  The release of this CD is indeed a victory of the creative spirit  " 
[...] The music ranges from chamber music to grand symphonic works, utilizing the entire range of orchestral voices [...]
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