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 "  never unpleasant, usually captivating and always a complete joy to listen to  " 
[...] The composer’s musical ability and his sheer enthusiasm are both clearly obvious throughout every stage of his work; frankly, it is these qualities that make listening to Victory of The Spirit far more enjoyable than listening to many more widely-recognised works in this genre. [...]
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 "  “Victory of the Spirit” is the music which revives life’s energy and inspires for unconditional creation  " 
[...] The music of “Victory of the Spirit” is infused with joy and optimism. Marc Beziat appeals one to live, not to die. It is felt in every note of his very integral project. [...]
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 "  While there are no words in these "sung" parts, they are among the most beautiful and enriching songs on Victory Of The Spirit  " 
[...] an epic album full of some amazing and beautiful moments [...] The pulp that makes up the middle ground is solid compositionally and enjoyable to listen to. [...]
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 "  The release of this CD is indeed a victory of the creative spirit  " 
[...] The music ranges from chamber music to grand symphonic works, utilizing the entire range of orchestral voices [...]
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 Commentaire à propos du titre "Le Désert et l'Espoir"
East meets West and Old Europe
Interesting how East meets West here.. and then goes into a Baroque-I think style-Old Europe.. [...]
 Posté par Yutz, Manchester, New Hampshire, États-Unis
 Commentaire général à propos de l'album
I love your music, my autis baby to.
I believe in the musicoterapia and I am grateful for persons as you that they can help to cure and to make ourselves feel happy with these melodies
 Posté par Karolina, Porto Rico
 Commentaire à propos du titre "L'Esprit de Liberté"
fairly good.
happiness is the first keyword that comes to my mind. it's also nice to hear a bit of piano for a while. and the use of choral voices is definitely a plus. again, it could use some more reverb, but that's merely my taste. [...] the 'duet' of strings and choir is well established.
 Posté par Sander Sokk, Tartu, Estonie
 Commentaire à propos du titre "Délivrance"
Synt. Choirs for a melody remembering renaissance music, but the arrangement is much more modern. [...] Surelly a massive work and seems a part of somthing bigger. [...] It give a mix between the tradition of the religions and the dramatic modern time.
 Posté par Agalli, Suisse
 Commentaire à propos du titre "Persévérance"
Nice Instrumental
This intsrumental has a perfect break and sequncially arranged.. The violin is is filled with melody..
Nice production here that fit into a film soundtrack such as titanic.. The piano grooves too. Perfect blend of baseline, piano and violin for an instrumental break.
 Posté par BoyBlacRecords , Benin, Edo, Nigéria
 Commentaire à propos du titre "Le Travail Intérieur"
Great combination of the strings and piano
Great combination of the cello (is it a cello string?) and the piano.

the first seconds are very nice after 0:06 you change a bit the style structure of the accords... still very nice but not anymore. so perfect lovely... if youre able to continue like the first 5 seconds more in the minor happy style. that would be great.

also nice little accord style structur change at 0:55 and nice enthusiastic change of hammering on the keys at 1:05. very cool!
the ending of the track rocks, the last 20 seconds are really great creating some uplifting exciting mood and then ends it with some cheery major accors.

continue like that you make a good job and i think you have a big potencial!
 Posté par Simon Kaserer, Lucerne, Suisse
 Commentaire à propos du titre "Par Delà les Cycles"
piano is very nice. melody very original and overall the arrangement is good. Each time I hear a familiar melody then you go off and something new, brilliant!
 Posté par Jermaine Fagan, Mesa, Arizona, États-Unis
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